My¬†novel “Trampling Roses”¬†is now finished, polished and ready to be read. I’ve put so much of myself into carving out the world of my main character that I feel a little protective of her. Still, she really wants to tell her tale and who am I to stand in her way…

This book does confront some of the darker aspects of bipolar disorder but I believe with all my heart that this just might be the most realistic portrayal of bipolar disorder I will ever write Рperhaps it will be the only one I will ever write. Who knows. I have put everything into it and I wish for it to be loved by anyone who reads it.

I now intend to work on a new novel, something completely different for a while. I have lots of ideas and I want to share them.

I like making art¬†too so¬†might even post up a few drawings or a video. They may not stay for long and you won’t want to miss it. You’ll have to find out why for yourself!


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